We turn things around!

We turn things around!

Our individually manufactured product turners place your products in any necessary orientation during the production run.


Murtfeldt product turners

Having a Murtfeldt turner in operation means having a high level of individuality and flexibility when designing the production line. This is because Murtfeldt does not produce turners in series, but configures them in close cooperation with you.

It does not matter whether you need to turn glass jars, cans or folding boxes. The format of the objects to be turned - whether they are bulbous, oval, square or asymmetrical - determines the size of the product turner or twister and the design of its interior.


Together, we will design the perfect turner for your needs

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Possible uses of the Murtfeldt product turners

The turners have an almost unlimited list of possible applications. They are an important component of the production process in almost every area in which piece goods are produced, processed and packaged. Product turners play an important role in emptying, cleaning, filling, measuring and testing, as well as in printing and many other working operations.

Another equally important argument: Angles and directions of rotation set no limits on the design and manufacture of Murtfeldt turners either. Murtfeldt design engineers are developing any number of rotation angles of over 45°, 90° and 180°. Limits are more likely to be set by the stability or sensitivity of the product to be turned over, which may comprise glass, metal, plastic or cardboard.

It should also be noted that the space required to turn a product around - and thus the size of the turner - not only increases with the size of the product, but also with the size of the turning angle.

Do you need a product turner that can process different (although comparable) products? Murtfeldt also designs multifunctional product turners if required. The following video shows how they function:

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Everything is possible!

Murtfeldt’s design engineers will be happy to advise you and, on request, design the turner tailored to your ideas.

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The design and benefits of a Murtfeldt product turner

Murtfeldt usually makes turners consisting of only one or two components. The quality of the plastics used for this purpose has been known for decades. Machining is used as production method, since it achieves smooth and friction-free surfaces. This enables gentle handling of the products to be turned, and the energy consumption of the system can be significantly reduced.


Simple assembly and disassembly:
Without unsing any tools
when changing formats


Long service life:
High degree of stability
compared to bar turners


Compliant with food industry regulations on request:
Using certified
Murtfeldt plastics


100% reproducible:
Thanks to mechanical production



Advantages of Murtfeldt turners

  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • The format can be changed without using tools
  • Easy to clean, as the top part of the turner is simple to dismantle
  • There is no accumulation of bacteria in areas that are difficult to access
  • Better processing efficiency than turners of a plate or disc design, thanks to the seamless internal contour

Advantages of the Murtfeldt plastics used

  • Excellent sliding properties result in the lowest possible dynamic pressure
  • High wear resistance reduces maintenance intervals and new investments
  • Compliant with food industry regulations in line with EU and FDA specifications if customer requests
  • Very good surface quality due to mechanical production
  • Stainless steel connecting elements support hygienic requirements

Design questionnaire

We are happy to advise you - free of charge and without any obligations

Our experience shows that questions often arise in specific subject areas, such as the design of a product turner. To answer these questions as well as possible and to provide you with excellent quality advice, we will need your technical data. That is why we have drawn up a design questionnaire that shows the information needed.

Please download the questionnaire and fill it in as comprehensively as possible, then send it to us by email. This will enable us to make the right choice without making any further telephone inquiries and we will then give you an answer as quickly as possible.


Product turner questionnaire

Download PDF (217 kB)


Please note: To view the file, you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, which is free of charge.

How we handle your data

We will only process the personal data you have given us to perform the design work that you have commissioned. To this end, we will store the data you have entered and forward it internally to the relevant members of our staff. As a matter of principle, we will not disclose your data to third parties.

You can find more information on our company’s data protection policies in our data protection declaration.

Your contact persons

Should you have any questions about product turners from Murtfeldt Kunststoffe, please get in touch directly with your contact person at our company

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Product manager for product turners

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Björn Menneke
Application technology
Consulting and design

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